Building the Future

As Mayor of Barrie for the past eight years, I have had the honour of moving our city forward.

Barrie must not be a bedroom community – we need to be a place where people can build careers and our local economy is strong. Since 2010, employment in Barrie has grown by more than 13,000 jobs and in 2016, we had the best year ever for industrial building permits.

Building New Business

Many of our largest employers have been expanding, but moving forward, we need to support entrepreneurship and ensure we have everything we need for companies to grow in Barrie and not have to go elsewhere. This means the City building new industrial parks, helping to grow education in skilled trades, university degrees, and talent for the modern economy.

Building New Foundations

Barrie must continue to tackle its backlog of infrastructure repair.  We’ve made huge progress in catching up but there are still far too many roads, pipes, bridges, and buildings that cost more to repair than they should because they were left too long.  Doing proper maintenance now keeps taxes down and improves our city.


Building New Efficiency

If we’re to keep taxes down, we need to transform government to be proactive.  Too much of what the City does is react to problems rather than preventing them in the first place.  From using accident data to make roads safer to using cameras to prevent water main breaks, to paramedics doing house calls – we must shift government to being proactive – this can save millions and provide far better services for your tax dollars.